Couple fly home to be with their dying dog following recall of pet food

A couple have flown home to be with their dying dog after a popular pet food was recalled.

The food was pulled from shelves amid fears its contributed to the deaths of at least two dogs.

Nine-year-old Stan the Labradoodle is now battling to survive, unable to swallow food or water. He's losing weight fast and relying on intravenous drips.

Several animals have come down with a rare illness and tests are urgently being carried out to determine why.

Stan has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Source: 7 News

"Pretty distraught. I think mother and father in law are sort of flying back from Thailand," dog sitter Jamie Faulkner said.

Stan's been diagnosed with 'megaoesophagus' - a condition affecting the muscles in his oesophagus.

Mr Faulkner's trying everything and has even made a special chair.

"Try and keep him in there for half an hour til' it you know, half digests, and then he comes out and he's sick again. It's pretty shocking," he said.

Mr Faulkner has been caring for Stan. Source: 7 News
This food has been taken off shelves as a precaution. Source: 7 News

Two South Australian corrections dogs and nine Victorian Police dogs have also been struck down in recent months.

Investigations are under way to determine if Advance Dermocare - a premium pet food - is to blame.

The product has been pulled from shelves as a precaution but manufacturer Mars Petcare Australia says there's no evidence to suggest it's responsible.

Stan has been incredibly sick. Source: 7 News

Vets say they're baffled and worry even tests may not be enough to work out what's caused this illness.

"Mars has done the responsible thing here in pulling the food off the market but we don't know if their food is causing it we've got no understanding as to what's causing this disease," Vet Dr David Mason said.