Dog brings home mystery bones, but what are they?

A woman has reached out for help online after her dog brought home a collection of mysterious bones.

Kristy O’Connor took to Facebook group ‘Perth – Have A Whinge’ last week to share a series of images of the remains discovered by her dog from an unknown location near her home.

“Who can tell me what sort of bones these are? My dog keeps bringing them to the back door and I can’t find where he’s getting the from,” she wrote.

Kristy O’Connor was baffled when her dog began bringing her mysterious remains from her neighbourhood. Source: Facebook/ Kristy O’Connor

And dozens of users began speculating the origins of the bones, some suggestions more far-fetched than others.

“T-rex,” one user ambitiously claimed.

“Veloceraptor,” another comment suggested, in keeping with the Triassic period.

Facebook users were more than happy to offer their suggestions as to where the bones had come from. Source: Facebook/ Kristy O’Connor

Others joked there was a more sinister truth behind the discovery.

“Neighbour missing a toddler at all?” one user questioned.

“Bones? What bones? I don’t know about any bones….” another said.

A select few did try to help Ms O’Connor, with the general consensus being that the bones were an animal’s vertebrae, likely to be a sheep or cow.

Putting an end to all wild speculation and suspense, Ms O’Connor says she visited a vet on Thursday to find out where the bones had come from.

“The vet said it is a neck vertebrae of a very large dog,” she confirmed.

“My dog has been chewing on the bones of a pet dog! This is so wrong!”