How a man's romantic airport gesture horribly backfired

What was meant to be a romantic gesture ended in a dramatic fail as a man’s love note on a plane ticket horribly backfired.

Swiss news site Tages Anzeiger reports a man bought tickets for himself and two friends from Zurich to Japan.

The Swiss man who bought the tickets was of Thai descent and decided it would be romantic to add the Thai word “Duang”, which means sweetheart, to his beloved’s name when booking.

Little did he realise when she checked in she would need to present identification that matched exactly with the name on the ticket.

A man’s romantic gesture horribly backfired. Source: Getty Images

Tages Anzeiger reports when the woman and the two other passengers showed up to board their flight, the ticket was not accepted because as a result of the man’s romantic gesture the woman’s ID did not match the ticket.

Airline staff also could not change her name because it was too late and she was forced to buy another ticket.

The two other passengers decided they would catch the scheduled flight and meet her in Japan the next day.

But the gesture proved to be a very expensive exercise when the two passengers missed their flight because they were held up at the check-in desk with the woman.

To make matters worse, the woman ended up fainting after the ordeal.

She recovered by time the ambulance had arrived.