Doctors discover reason for boy's whistling cough

The reason a four-year-old boy was left whistling like a bird was finally discovered after a series of tests in hospital.

The little boy presented to the otorhinolaryngology outpatient clinic in India after having the persistent cough for two days.

Footage shows the child repeatedly coughing and emitting a wheezing, whistling sound when he inhales.

A little boy was left with a persistent, whistling cough after swallowing a bizarre object. Photo: New England Journal of Medicine.

Doctors determined the young patient otherwise felt fine and had no history or symptoms of an infection in his throat, according to the New England Journal of Medicine.

However his parents told the doctors the boy had been playing with a toy whistle before the coughing started.

An X-ray revealed his lung was inflamed and an endoscope found the whistle lodged in his chest.

The toy was removed and he made a complete recovery.

Last year an Argentinian boy was found to be honking every time he took a breath after swallowing a party hooter.

Doctors discovered the little boy has ingested a toy whistle. Photo: New England Journal of Medicine