Bride-to-be's tragic phone call while trying on wedding dress

A bride-to-be has revealed the distressing moment she discovered her partner was involved in a life-threatening scooter crash in Bali a week before their wedding.

Tam Matthews, 27, was at her final dress fitting on Saturday when she received a call with the devastating news about her 32-year-old fiance, Ashley Hickman.

"I got the call while they were just doing some minor alterations and I just took the dress off, I got in the car and drove," Ms Matthews told Nine News.

Ashley Hickman, who is in a critical condition in Bali following a scooter crash, is pictured here in hospital with tubes coming out of his mouth..
Ashley Hickman is in a critical condition in Bali following a scooter crash. Source: GoFundMe

Mr Hickman was on a buck’s trip when he crashed one of the scooters the group rented to get around the island.

Despite wearing a helmet, the father of one, from Cairns, sustained critical injuries to his head and remains in a coma in Kuta Hospital.

His friends believe he veered from the road after driving through an oil spill.

Ms Matthews and Mr Hickman’s mother have flown to Bali to be by his side as he fights for his life.

"It really puts things into perspective, I was so stressed about the little details, the eyelashes, the nails, the table settings and now I don't care," Ms Matthews said.

Ashley Hickman's fiancee Tam Matthews with his mother in Bali.
Tam Matthews with Mr Hickman's mother in Bali. Source: Nine News

Family’s plea for help with escalating medical costs

While Mr Hickman had travel insurance, his policy doesn’t cover his medical expenses as he doesn’t have the required international driver’s licence alongside an Australian motorbike licence.

Friends were left with no choice but to scramble together tens of thousands of dollars for emergency surgery for his extensive head injuries.

Yet the cost of the surgery is just the start.

The family need to raise more than $120,000 for his ongoing treatment which includes $52,500 they have been quoted to fly Mr Hickman to Perth.

Flying Mr Hickman back to Cairns would have cost a further $40,000.

Tam Matthews pictured with her partner, Ashley Hickman.
Ms Matthews pictured with her fiancee. Mr Hickman's sister hopes he will be able to be flown back to Australia by Friday afternoon. Source: Facebook

Mr Hickman’s sister Brooke Parker told Yahoo News Australia they were hopeful he would be flying back to Australia on Friday afternoon if they were able to finalise the funds.

“It’s been a really tough couple of days,” she said.

“You wouldn’t wish this on your worst enemy. We just want him back in Australia.”

Ms Parker has created a GoFundMe page to help raise much-needed funds.

“We are asking those who are able to assist during this stressful time,’ she wrote.

“Any donations you can spare no matter how little the family will be truly grateful for and appreciate all the support and messages.”

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