'Disgusting' change room act caught on camera at Aussie op shop

Staff at the Melbourne store confirmed to Yahoo urine and faeces were found on the change room floor.

The thrill of spotting something unexpected is what draws Aussies toward op shops – but one shopper got much more than they bargained for while moseying around a trendy thrift store on Tuesday.

While waiting to try on clothes a shopper caught another woman urinating in the fitting room at Sacred Heart Op Shop in Preston, located in Melbourne's northeast. The woman's ankles were visible in the gap between the floor and the fitting room's privacy curtain, meaning the shopper caught the entirety of the shocking act, pulling out their phone to film it.

Left, the op shop act with the woman standing legs apart with urine trickling behind her. Right, the store front.
The bizarre scene was caught on camera with the woman seen urinating on the carpet. Source: Google Maps/Reddit

The video was shared online by the shopper's partner. "My wife was shopping in an op shop in the northern suburbs and spotted this while waiting to try on some clothes," they wrote.

The footage shows the offending woman standing on her tiptoes with her legs apart while urine appears to trickle onto the carpeted floor behind her.

Op shop confirms messy change room 'accident'

The op shop is one of 14 stores in Melbourne which help raise funds for Sacred Heart Mission — a charity which provides services for those experiencing homelessness and social disadvantage in the city.

Despite the shopper notifying staff of the incident, workers were unable to identify who was responsible.

"Our Preston Op Shop staff were alerted to a customer's toilet related accident in the change room area," a Sacred Heart Mission spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia. "Staff were unable to identify the customer, but the change room in question has since been sanitised and cleaned thoroughly."

Yahoo News spoke to an anonymous staff member who confirmed the woman had not only urinated in the fitting room like the footage suggests, but faeces were also found. The staff member claimed it is not an uncommon issue for them face while volunteering at the store.

Aussies outraged by shocking act

Unsurprisingly the footage was met with outrage online with people labelling the act "disgusting".

"What an absolute grot," one person wrote, while someone joked they "didn't realise that their change rooms had showers".

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