Detail in McDonald's menu leaves customers baffled: 'Robbery'

The Australian patron has called out the fast food giant over its burger prices.

A hungry McDonald’s customer has expressed their disbelief over a huge price discrepancy between two very similar menu items at the fast-food joint.

“When did a slice of cheese become more expensive than the whole burger?” the angry Redditor asked, alongside a screen grab showing the price difference between a McDonald’s hamburger, priced at $2.00 – and a cheeseburger, which was retailing for $4.25.

“I want an inquiry,” they demanded.

Fast-food giant McDonald's responds after a Redditor pointed out the $2.25 price discrepancy between its hamburger and cheeseburger. Credit: Reddit
Fast-food giant McDonald's responds after a Redditor pointed out the $2.25 price discrepancy between its hamburger and cheeseburger. Credit: Reddit

Other users were equally shocked about the price difference, with some joking about how they should probably just bring their own cheese, while others lamented the cost of dairy products soaring over the past few months.

“Work in a restaurant that uses a lot of cheese. Cost of cheese has gone through the roof in the last 6-9 months. Killing my food costs,” someone chimed, while another simply added: “Labour costs plus cheese costs.”

"Daylight robbery," another bluntly commented.

“Don't think of it as a piece of cheese but as the final touch of a skilled artisan on their masterpiece. A synergy of ingredients forming a taste orchestra in your mouth far greater than the sum of its parts!” another commented sarcastically. “Can you really put a price on that? McDonald's did. $2.25 apparently.”

Simple explanation to big price difference

Some Macca's fans however pointed out that the price discrepancy has more to do with marketing.

“The $2 Hamburger is a promotion. The $4.25 Cheeseburger is regular price,” one Redditor explained.

“The point was more that Maccas aren’t saying the cheese in the Cheeseburger is worth $2.25 and more than the Hamburger, they’re just taking a loss in margin on the hamburger over the long term as a marketing device,” added another.

McDonald's says hamburger price part of 'commitment' to value

A spokesperson from McDonald’s confirmed with Yahoo News Australia that the price difference seen by this Macca's customer was due to their Loose Change Menu promo, which was first introduced in 2012.

“The Hamburger is $2 on McDonald’s Loose Change Menu,” the spokesperson confirmed. “Our Loose Change Menu offers Macca’s favourites for less year-round, including the classic Hamburger, Fries, Chicken McNuggets, Sundaes and more. This is part of our commitment to providing great value for our customers.”

“Outside of the Loose Change Menu (which is available between 10.30am until midnight), the Hamburger is approx. 0.75 cents less than the Cheeseburger, although prices can vary slightly restaurant to restaurant,” the spokesperson clarified.

Many Reddit users however suggested Macca's wasn't looking out for its customers, instead suggesting the low price of the hamburger is to entice people in to restaurants before they are "sucked in" to spend more – a tactic known as a loss leader strategy.

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