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McDonald's staff ruin child's cheeseburger meal: 'Not in the mood'

A frustrated parent who placed a simple request at a McDonald's branch for his toddler has taken to Reddit to air his grievance over what looks like a deliberate act to ruin the order.

In a post under the subreddit r/mildlyinfuriating, the disappointed dad said he made a simple request for no pickles in his son's burger at a Macca's drive-thru, only to find he got the opposite of what he asked for.

"Ordered a cheeseburger with no pickles for my three year-old. This is what we got, 15+ pickles," the Redditor told other members of the group. "It was late, we were tired, and very much not in the mood."

McDonald's cheeseburger with extra pickles
A frustrated parent has aired his frustration after ordering a cheeseburger with no pickles at a McDonald's drive-thru for his three-year-old, only to get the exact opposite of his request. Source: Reddit (Yahoo News Australia)

"It was a drive through order. We didn't notice until we were pulling out of the parking lot. Chose not to go back. We weren't rude at all," he stated further about the incident in the comments.

The post, which has been upvoted over 4,100 times, received hundreds of comments debating what in the world had happened with the man to merit receiving an order that contradicted his request.

'Mo pickles'

"The person making the sandwich must have thought it said 'Mo Pickles'," someone replied, referring to a common abbreviation of "more".

"I'm scared for the person who ordered f***ing 15+ pickles and got a burger with no pickles, they probably murdered someone," a second joked.

"I had the opposite happen to me. I ordered extra pickles and got none," commented a third, to which another person replied: "Your order got mixed up with OPs [original poster's]."

"Well, now you know. If you want a gangload of pickles, ask for no pickles!" someone added.

Bad experiences

Other Redditors in the group shared their own awful Macca's drive-thru experiences, with one relating a story of ordering a cheeseburger and nuggets only to have the order tossed out of the pickup window by a worker after waiting 20 minutes.

"I hadn't gone for fast food in many years, and every single time I do go I'm reminded why I spend 3x as much at the local places," the person said. "I am 10x more satisfied with my meals from the local burger joints and it's just as quickly prepared - the only inconvenience, really, is needing to find parking."

"Had a drive-thru order once where they forgot to put the meat on the sandwich. Went through again to get it fixed, and the one that replaced it had so much grease it poured out of the wrapper and soaked a coat," another person shared.

McDonald's mix-up

Other Redditors, however, offered theories as to what had happened.

"Nah probably the worker was having a bad day and doesn't care about their job," someone added.

"Had friends in high school that would do this intentionally on drive-thru orders, especially at night. Teenage minds," another person related.

On the other hand, one McDonald's worker in the thread explained that the contradictory order may not be a deliberate act at all.

"I work at McDonald's. I bet there was 2 burgers, one with no pickle one with extra pickle and they got the grill slips mixed up," the employee said. "We aren't vindictive when asked to remake food. We make mistakes, it happens. There's cameras everywhere and managers watching your a** so the probability of someone doing something to your food is low."

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