Delivery driver caught out after ‘disrespectful’ move with parcel

After being caught, the driver is seen sheepishly picking up the parcel from the ground.

A driver has been caught red-handed "delivering" a small package by chucking it on the ground in the dirt near the front fence of an Aussie home.

The man signed off the parcel on his handheld machine, seemingly to say it had been delivered, then went to turn around to head back to his van. Only then, the driver realises the person living at the home in Victoria saw the act, so sheepishly — an awkward smile plastered to his face — picks it up to hand it to the owner.

"How my SpeedPak delivery arrived yesterday," Shane, the package's owner, said alongside CCTV footage of the exchange which he shared online.

Three images in a row showing the delivery driver throwing the parcel over the short fence into the dirt before seeing he was caught and picking it up.
The delivery driver was caught red-handed by the resident throwing their parcel onto dirt. Source: TikTok

An eBay spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia that SpeedPAK is a "cross-border logistics program launched by eBay" and Orange Connex is the service provider who "executes the program".

“Although having investment in Orange Connex, eBay has no direct oversight on their operations," they said. “We do however monitor and escalate concerns from buyers and sellers on shipping services used to fulfill orders on eBay. I can confirm we are looking into the video you flagged."

Aussies sick of 'no care' given to packages

Shane was not the only one unimpressed with the care given to his parcel, tens of thousands have since watched the CCTV with many expressing anger at the actions of the delivery driver. "Happens to every second delivery I get now, no care is given," one lamented.

"I'm more impressed with the edging on your lawn than the composure you displayed to the courier's disrespect," a second said.

"Couldn’t even put it in the letterbox. Took a photo of the letterbox, then dropped it on the ground? Then laughed when he was caught," a third responded.

Delivery driver sacked after parcel dumped at wrong home

Earlier this year an Australia Post driver was sacked after dumping a package on the footpath outside the wrong Townsville home.

The resident was fuming when she found her package on a footpath outside the wrong home. "This is the 'safe place' my parcel was left — at the wrong address!!!' the woman wrote online.

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