WATCH: Bizarre moment 'ghost car' appears from nowhere before crash

Dashcam footage of a two-car crash has left viewers baffled as to where on earth the second car came from.

Vision captured in Singapore shows the white car attempt to make what appears to be a simple right turn.

Enter “ghost car”, or is it just Michael J. Fox returning from the future.

Out of nowhere, the turn is interrupted by a car that apparently not even the driver could see.

Everything seems to be in order here. Source: Roads.SG
Not quite. Source: Roads.SG

Slamming into its side, the second car momentarily loses control before coming to a halt.

The sudden emergence appears a mystery, or is the dashcam vision just blocked by the first car?

Viewers have been left understandably confused as to what unfolded, so some just stopped trying and accepted it for what it was - "a Glitch in the Matrix".

"This is really weird. Played it a few times and still cannot figure out where the car comes from," one man wrote.

"It's from the future - you can just see its flux capacitor," another added.