Crocodile attack: Crazy theory on why victim ignored warnings

In a resurfaced comment thread, the man was warned about lingering near crocodile-infested waters.

A wild theory has surfaced as to why a Queensland man who was attacked by a crocodile went into the dangerous waters.

Alister MacPhee had been travelling through Far North Queensland with his dog Molly when the two went down a boat ramp for a swim where they were attacked by a 4.2 metre saltwater crocodile.

The crocodile mauled Mr MacPhee on the leg before turning its attention to his dog, which was sadly killed by the massive predator.

A composite image of Alister MacPhee lying on the ground following a crocodile attack.
Alister MacPhee was rushed to Cairns Hospital after being attacked by a crocodile. Source: Seven News

Now, Facebook comments reveal the 37-year-old may have been venturing into the dangerous waters to catch a water python.

While Mr MacPhee has not commented publicly about why he recorded himself on the edge of the waterway, comments in a Facebook thread in the months leading up to the attack have surfaced, according to the Cairns Post.

“It’s hard to go full bush hear (sic) everything is native land. I want to catch a big water python but the croc’s ya see,” he wrote to a friend on the popular social media platform.

The friend replied, issuing a chilling warning against hanging around the shoreline.

“As far as the crocs go, just don’t develop a pattern of waterside visits,” they said.

Lucky to be alive

Mr MacPhee was filmed fighting for his life as the crocodile latched onto his leg, before he managed to break free.

Sadly, by the time he got back to his feet, the croc had grabbed Molly the dog instead. Mr MacPhee used his fists to punch the reptile in the back, before it retreated under the water with the canine.

Staggering back to shore with deep cuts, the bloodied man was spotted by a ranger who just happened to be in the area and called for help.

He was rushed to Wujal Wujal clinic for treatment before being airlifted to Cairns Hospital where he underwent surgery on Thursday afternoon and is now reported to be in a stable condition.

The crocodile was found and killed by wildlife officers from the Department of Environment and Science, with the Molly's remains found inside its stomach.

In a statement from hospital, Mr MacPhee thanked his rescuers and hospital staff and Molly, "who was always by my side".

“I have, unfortunately, learned the hard way. Everyone needs to be croc-wise in croc territory," he said.

“While I am recovering from my injuries, I am asking people to please respect my privacy.”

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