'Crazy' moment tradie almost eaten by giant crocodile

An Aussie tradie is lucky to be alive after a close encounter with a large crocodile in the Northern Territory.

The Darwin local was making his way to work when he casually came across the predator on the road in the Arnhem Land region.

Deciding to get out of his vehicle and take a closer look, Kane Marcus started recording the croc, who was only metres away.

Two photos of a croc lunging for a man filming metres away.
The croc is seen in the video to lunge for the tradie who is filming it on a road in the Northern Territory. Source: Facebook via ABC

Mr Marcus' coworkers were driving their own cars behind him, with one filming what happened next. In the video, the croc is seen to suddenly pounce at the tradie, who jumps back in fear after almost being bitten.

Despite the nail-biting incident, he continues to film — even getting on the back of his ute for a different angle.

According to ABC Darwin, the croc managed to cross the road afterwards and disappear into the billabong.

But before that Mr Marcus appears to have gone even closer to the croc, completely unfazed by what had just happened, to take a photo with it.

An Aussie tradie driving to work in the Northern Territory came across a crocodile who nearly took a bite out of the man. Source: Facebook
Aussie tradie Kane Marcus poses with the crocodile that almost bit him, with his coworker. Source: Facebook/Kane Marcus

Social media users react to near-croc bite

The video has since gone viral, with people shocked at how nonchalant the men were despite being in very real danger.

"OMG, that guy in the front truck is crazy being on the ground so close," one person said on Facebook.

"Why are people getting out of their vehicles," another said.

Though others were quick to point out how normal it is seeing a crocodile in the NT.

"Just another lizard crossing the road in northern Australia," one person jokingly said.

"He's just trying to cross the road leave old mate alone," said another.

In the NT, there are around 100,000 saltwater crocodiles, according to a government website, with there being more in the NT than Queensland and WA.

"When it comes to saltwater crocodiles, the Northern Territory (NT) Government takes your safety seriously but ultimately it is a community’s responsibility to keep their people safe," the Northern Territory government says.

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