Shocking footage emerges after man bitten on the head by crocodile

A crocodile thought to be responsible for biting a man on the head in Western Australia this week had been filmed snapping at people at the same spot months earlier.

Two workmates from a local seaplane company were fishing from a boat in Cyclone Creek, at Talbot Bay when the saltwater croc lunged at them on Monday.

One was bitten on the head, while his friend was also injured, but managed to fend off the croc that apparently was up to three metres long, 7 News reports.

A photo of a crocodile swimming in the Kimberly region of Western Australia and another of him lunging at someone's boat.
Footage of a crocodile in the Kimberly region of Western Australia from June this year, who may have also on Monday bitten a man on the head. Source: 7 News

A caller to 6PR Perth identified himself as the father of one of the victims' friends on Tuesday morning.

"A croc leapt out and grabbed one of them by the head apparently," the man was told by his 18-year-old son.

He said his son's friend who was in the "tinnie" with him, was "a quick thinker" and stabbed the croc's head with a knife.

"The croc let go ... apparently he's fine," he confirmed to 6PR Perth.

Crocodile has been attacking other boats for months

WA's Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions said this wasn't the first time this croc had attacked people in the popular area for tourists.

"Earlier this year, a similar sized crocodile was reported launching itself towards vessels at this location," a spokesman said.

7NEWS received footage of the incident in June this year, capturing the reptile lunging at a charter boat in Talbot Bay with its jaws wide open.

The man who was bitten on the head on Monday is in a stable condition at Broome Hospital and his friend is recovering at home, Perth Now reports.

After the attack, they were flown to the hospital for assessment and treatment after the The Royal Flying Doctor Service WA provided advice over the phone.

Ever since the crocodile incident in June, a warning was put out for tour operators and visitors to be cautious about crocodiles in the area.

If found, the crocodile matching the description of the one involved in Monday's attack could be removed if it continues to pose safety risks.

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