Teen pushed onto train tracks, elderly woman 'bit and stomped on' during crazed attack

Melina Sarris

A crazed man who allegedly bit and stomped on a train passenger before screaming and barking at other commuters has been arrested in Melbourne.

Witnesses claimed the man was allegedly under the influence of drugs when he began terrorising passengers on the Alamein line around 3.30pm on Thursday.

“I just saw kids come running up the platform screaming,” one witness said.

The man was taken from Hawthorn station in police custody. Source: 7News

“He was making animal noises and barking at people and swearing,” another said.

It’s alleged the deranged man started biting and stomping on the defenceless elderly victim, aged in her 60s, as the train pulled in to Hawthorn station.

One of the victims. Source: 7News

Fearful passengers started running, with onboard vision showing the rush to exit the train as screams could be heard ringing out.

“It was pretty horrific,” one witness told 7 News.

Phone footage shows passengers running off the train. Source: 7News

“It seemed like he was on some kind of crazy drug,” another alleged.

As the man got off the train he pushed another teenager onto the tracks. She was later helped by paramedics but only suffered minor injuries.

The elderly victim. Source: 7News

Six passengers then detained the man until police arrived.

The shirtless man, aged in his 30s, was arrested and charges are pending.