Couple kiss each other goodbye seconds before shocking attack

Krystal Johnson

A UK couple were attacked out the front of their home by armed carjackers just seconds after they kissed each other goodbye in the shocking moment caught on CCTV.

A white Ford Kuga pulls up to the house just as the couple give each other a kiss goodbye.

The two victims kiss each other goodbye before they go off on their day. Photo: UK Police

Two masked men armed with metal bars can be seen jumping out of the car, demanding the 57-year-old man to hand over keys to an Audi Q7.

When the man refused, one of the attackers repeatedly hit him with a metal bar in a vicious attack.

In the midst of the assault, the man successfully managed to snatch the car keys and the two robbers made a dash for the vehicles, taking the Audi with them.

The robbers emerge from the white car and attack the 57-year-old man, demanding his keys. Photo: UK Police
The two robbers flee in the stolen car. Photo: UK Police

According to police, the victim was rushed hospital but luckily did not sustain any serious injuries.

The incident occurred in Castle Bromwich, north-west of London, at about 9am on 25 February .

West Midlands police released the CCTV footage in hope to find the attackers.