Couple discover ‘creepy’ hidden room after four years in home: 'We had no idea'

Astonishingly, the hidden room with a lock on the outside is the home's second secret space.

A couple have filmed the “creepy” moment they discovered a hidden room with a drainage hole and rust-coloured stains behind a false wall in a home they have lived in for four years.

Aurora said she was helping her husband remove carpet from the floor of a room in the house they share with their young children when the pair noticed something strange behind a built-in bookcase.

After moving it out of the way, Aurora said the couple were “shook” after they found the large piece of wooden furniture had been covering a false wall that opened to reveal a secret room.

Left, Aurora and her husband standing in the rusty hidden room. Right, Aurora's husband moves the false wall.
Aurora and her husband were shocked to find a false wall concealing a hidden room in their US home. Source: Aurora Blazingstar/@kids_up_in_here

Couple stunned by rusty secret room

Video footage posted on the US mum’s TikTok on Saturday shows her husband push the fake wall to the side and open the large metal door behind it.

“Oh my god,” she says as they walk inside. “We have never seen this in our house and we have lived here for four years.”

The small white room features a heavy grey door, a drain, ceiling light and ominous-looking stains. The couple can be heard pondering the reason for the strange room, which has a lock and handle on the outside only.

“This has to be some kind of bomb shelter or something,” Aurora says, to which her husband responds that it was “probably a panic room”.

While inspecting black mats left on the ground, the mum finds a goose magnet before turning her attention to the numerous reddish stains on the floor. “This is just rust on the floor right?” she asks. “Let it be rust please,” her husband says.

Wild theories emerge after video goes viral

Footage of the “weird” discovery has since gone viral, racking up millions of views from terrified social media users.

“Umm, was there murder that happened in there? That sure does look like old blood stain,” one person commented. “This is some really creepy sh*t. That room gives me bad vibes,” another said.

Couple's 'creepy' discovery in home after four years
Aurora said she had noticed something strange about the wall behind the bookcase, but figured the contractor had run out of drywall. Source: Aurora Blazingstar/@kids_up_in_here

Others claimed it could have been a dark room for developing photos, a grow room for cannabis, or a home beer brew set-up.

Aurora said she suspects the previous owners “had a gun safe in here based on the rust patterns”, and she had contacted the family for more details.

Woman thought false wall was drywall error

Some viewers argued it would have been impossible to not notice the fake wall concealing the room.

“We seriously had no idea! I noticed once the wall looked weird under the right-hand bookcase. I thought [the builder] was lazy and running short on drywall. I never thought this is actually a false wall for a hidden room”.

In a wild twist, Aurora revealed the possible panic room is actually the second hidden room in the house — the first being a children’s playroom tucked behind a mirror that they knew about when buying the property.

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