Couple devastated by random shooting of beloved pet alpacas

WARNING, DISTRESSING CONTENT: A couple has been left devastated by the random shooting deaths of their beloved pet alpacas on their south-east Queensland property.

Setting up a Stanthorpe bed and breakfast had always been a dream of Joe and Lizzie Sabo’s, so was owning six alpacas to roam the property and interact with guests.

But yesterday when Joe went to feed them he knew something was wrong.

“I whistle em up or call em up and they normally come running up and inquisitive and getting a little bit of a feed, and yesterday morning they just didn’t come,” property owner, Joe Sabo told 7News.

Mr Sabo found five of the animals killed. A sixth had to be put down.

A couple has been left devastated by the random shooting deaths of their beloved pet alpacas. Source: 7News

“They were all shot, um, shot in the head,” he said.

“It’s just so senseless. It just makes no sense at all,” Lizzie Sabo told 7 News.

Police believe whoever carried out this act of cruelty gained access to the property last Wednesday night.

“It appeared that those six animals had been shot with a small calibre firearm,” Senior Constable Jim Ellis said.

Five of the animals were dead when they were found. The sixth had to be put down. Source: 7News

Mr and Mrs Sabo can’t understand what motivated the attack, saying the animals were quiet and affectionate.

“They are innocent, they’d come up to you. They’re friendly… they’re trusting,” Mrs Sabo said.

Joe and Lizzie Sabo are devastated by the random shooting deaths of their beloved alpacas. Source: 7News

It’s triggered an outpouring of emotion in the tight-knit community.

Police are now investigating the attack; which is the second on alpacas in the area in the last eight months.

Last September, seven alpacas were killed on another property.

“So whilst we can’t link the two they are very similar in nature,” said Senior Constable Ellis.

Mr and Mrs Sabo are so devastated they’ve even thought of selling up.

Now they just want to find those responsible.

“If the person that’s actually did this is watching they should know how much hurt and how much pain they’ve actually put us through ’cause these poor animals didn’t deserve this at all,” Mrs Sabo told 7News.