Council worker praised over 'legendary' bin act on Aussie street

Locals spotted the man during his routine garbage collection.

An Aussie community has rallied around a local council worker after witnessing the man's "kind and thoughtful" act during his routine garbage collection on a residential street.

"Shoutout to this amazing bloke," said a Queensland man on social media this week sharing snaps of the worker during his morning pickup, before announcing what he'd seen take place in front of him.

So often, if residents forget to put their bins out on the curb, they will go unemptied for another week or two, but this particular garbage collector had other plans. "[He] saw the bins were behind a gate [and] not put out, [so he] bought them out for [the resident], emptied the yellow and put it back," the Moreton Bay local said on Facebook. And he's a repeat offender according to many locals who chimed in to say they'd seen it too.

Council worker collecting garbage on residential street.
The council worker was praised for emptying bins that hadn't been placed on the kerb. Source: Facebook

"He's awesome he's been down our street and I've witnessed him grabbing forgetful bins off someone's property," said one. Meanwhile, another revealed "he even picks up the bins if he knocks them over once they emptied," labelling the move "legendary".

Council's free bin service for residents

The post in the community's Facebook group garnered a heartwarming response from locals who encouraged the poster to inform the council so "he gets recognition". Others said the man deserves a "Christmas bonus" ahead of the festive season.

Moreton Bay Council confirmed to Yahoo News that it's aware of the garbage collector's thoughtful move. In fact, it's part of a service offered to residents in the council area.

Bin collection assistance is offered to residents with significant mobility issues where no other able-bodied person lives at the address. It must also be safe for the waste collection contractor to do so. Anyone can apply for the free service so long as they meet the criteria and there are currently 270 residents using the service.

"Around 20 per cent of people in Moreton Bay live with some form of disability and many parts of our city have a significant proportion of elderly residents, so providing accessible infrastructure for everyone is something very close to my heart," City of Moreton Bay Mayor, Peter Flannery said in a statement to Yahoo.

"City of Moreton Bay continues to be a friendly place for people of all abilities to call home and feel welcome without discrimination."

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