Tradie praised for simple act outside Subway: 'Legend'

Taking off your shoes before stepping foot into a building is a sign of respect which transcends cultures and it seems one tradie has demonstrated his adoration for Subway in the highest regard.

Last week a pair of lone work boots were spotted outside the sandwich, fast-food restaurant in Oxley in Brisbane's southwest. The footwear appeared caked in mud with a trail of dried pieces scattered behind them, presumably from where the tradie took his last few footsteps before kicking off the boots and entering the venue for a snack.

Left, the tradie's boots can be seen from far away under a Subway sign. Right, mud trails behind the work boots.
The tradie left his boots outside the Subway in Oxley, Queensland. Source: Reddit

"Highly respect the tradie who took off his dirty boots before heading into Subway," a local wrote online after spotting the boots and sharing snaps of the footwear outside the Subway store.

Workers at the Subway store confirmed to Yahoo News Australia they didn't ask the tradie to take his boots off.

Aussies praise the tradie for being 'considerate'

The images quickly gained attention with many commending the tradie's manners. Retail workers in particular were full of praise expressing how common and annoying it is to clean up after customers who walk into a venue with dirty shoes.

"I have to vacuum the floor after the filthy buggers who trample dirt and mud all through my shop, so I reward the good ones who are respectful," one wrote online, saying they often offer a "sneaky discount" to those who take off his shoes much like the tradie in question.

Another online called the tradie a "legend" and said they "just know" the tradie is a "fun, considerate friend" based off his actions.

"That bloke has been raised right," a third commented.

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