Postie praised for 'legendary' act while delivering package

An Australia Post worker has been praised for their ‘legendary’ act while delivering a package.

A Reddit user posted a photo of the postie’s thoughtful act to save a package from getting wet at their home on the Coal Coast in southern New South Wales.

The photo shows a cardboard package on a front lawn, covered by an umbrella which was weighed down by a doorstop so it couldn’t fly away.

“Our local postie is a legend,” Reddit user GeoRhi wrote on Friday.

“Found the umbrella out the front and made a little cubby for it.

“Even wedged it under the door stop so it wouldn’t blow away.”

The Australia Post worker protected the parcel using an umbrella and door stop on the Coal Coast in New South Wales.
The postie protected the parcel using an umbrella and door stop. Source: Reddit/GeoRhi

Social media users were impressed by the postal worker’s resourcefulness.

“Aussie ingenuity,” one Reddit user commented.

“You’re lucky you got a good postie,” another said.

One comment suggested the postie was considerate and deserved recognition.

The happy customer tweeted Australia Post about the postie’s good work.

“I really appreciated it. Made my day,” the customer tweeted to Australia Post on Wednesday.

The company announced plans to acknowledge the postal worker’s efforts.

Australia Post plans to recognise the postie's efforts with the package on the Coal Coast in New South Wales.
Australia Post plans to recognise the postie’s efforts. Source: Getty/file

“Absolutely amazing,” Australia Post tweeted to the customer.

“Can you please send us a direct message with the tracking number, delivery address, email address and contact number so we can recognise the postie for this?”

Australia Post will recognise the postie’s efforts.

“Our posties and drivers work hard around the clock to deliver parcels on time and safely, so we were thrilled to see one of our team go above and beyond to make sure this customer’s item stayed safe and dry in the downpour,” an Australia Post spokesman told Yahoo7.

“We’ll be giving this driver a special award and voucher to recognise their terrific efforts.”