Young mum's powerful message after contracting coronavirus on a date

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

Days after going on a date with a man who had a “dry cough”, Amie Morris was struck down with a sore throat, fever, headaches and lost her sense of taste and smell.

The Sydney’s mum-of-two’s symptoms were consistent with COVID-19, and by the end of the week she became one of NSW’s confirmed cases.

Ms Morris told 7 News her two children were staying with their dad at the time, but she needed to stay in her room to isolate away from her parents who were visiting her from overseas.

She has since called on everyone to stay home to avoid infecting others.

Amie Morris was struck down by coronavirus after going on a date with a man with a dry cough. Source: Facebook

Two weeks into her battle against the disease however, her symptoms worsened and she had to be rushed to hospital with breathing difficulties.

“I seemed to have a decline in my lungs and really struggled to catch my breath,” she wrote in a Facebook post on March 23.

She said a chest X-ray returned a clear result, but blood tests indicted her body was still in the thick of fighting the virus.

By March 30 and after more than three weeks in isolation, the mum was allowed to once again be in the company of her children and parents.

“Officially released back into the wild and my babies are back in my arms. I will never take this for granted,” she wrote in another post with a photo of her embracing her kids.

After three weeks in isolation, Ms Morris was allowed to have contact with her parents and two kids again. Source: Facebook

In a separate post, she celebrated being home and not infecting anyone in her family with the virus.

“What a three weeks that was, and not one I would like to repeat,” she wrote.

“I worked hard to keep the virus with me and luckily no one caught the virus from me. I sacrificed seeing anyone including my children and my parents in my own house to keep them safe.”

Now she has urged others to stay home and heed the warnings from the government to comply with social distancing and self isolation rules.

“Stay home! Don’t risk getting this or spreading this to people who's bodies just can't recover the same as yours,” she wrote.

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