Coronavirus: Beauty salons allowed to reopen in NSW – but there's a catch

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

Businesses offering beauty therapies in NSW have been permitted to reopen their doors to customers for the first time in weeks – but only to sell products.

Beauty, nail, tanning and waxing salons will now be allowed to open for the purposes of selling products, NSW Minister for Health Brad Hazzard told reporters on Saturday.

“People will be able to go into those various beauty salons and so on, where they might usually get other services, but they will have the capacity to go and buy their favourite retail products,” he said.

Doors to multiple beauty businesses will open, but only for the sale of products. Source: Getty Images

“The opportunity is now there to buy their favourite products, and how good is that with Mother’s Day coming up?”

Mr Hazzard said retailers would still be required to ensure social distancing was maintained among customers both in-store and while waiting to enter as well as making hand sanitiser available.

Following confusion over whether people in NSW were permitted to leave their homes for a recreational motorbike ride, Mr Hazzard assured the public this activity was allowed.

“Going for a ride, providing you’re not going off for a regional holiday, is fine, and going for a drive is fine,” he said.

Nail salons will be allowed to open, as well as waxing, beauty and tanning salons. Source: Getty Images

“If you have a family member who is aged or has a disability, you can take them out for a drive.”

NSW's coronavirus tally has grown to 3031 after recording five new cases in the past 24 hours.

Mr Hazzard said the new cases came from 8809 tests, the second-highest rate of testing recorded in NSW since the outbreak of COVID-19.

Restrictions have begin being lifted across the country as daily cases of the virus continue to drop.

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