The controversial Anzac service decision that left veterans 'disgusted'

New Zealanders have been left disgusted after a Gold Coast Anzac Day service neglected their national anthem.

It is a day when two nations unite to honour Australian and New Zealand soldiers who have served and fallen.

But at an official RSL memorial service in Surfers Paradise, the New Zealand national anthem was not played.

Anzac Day brings Australian and New Zealand servicemen together to honour those who have fallen. Source: 7 News

New Zealand army veteran Gary Hodges served for 11 years and on Wednesday he marched up Cavill Avenue as part of the Anzac parade.

At the conclusion of the march, the Australian national anthem was played and then silence.

The snub also came under fire online, described by angry veterans and their families as disrespectful and insulting.

“Insulted, just unbelievable, words can’t describe my emotions,” Mr Hodges said.

New Zealand army veteran Gary Hodges was outraged by the omission. Source: 7 News
Surfers Paradise RSL cut the New Zealand anthem out to save time. Source: 7 News

He says he approached the RSL club president after the service to ask why the anthem had been dropped but was not given an explanation or apology.

Later, club president Ross Eastgate said the anthem was cut to save time, saying, “this is an Australian service in Australia.”

“The idea is to keep our service as short and as focused as possible,” Mr Eastgate said.

While initially claiming there was no plan to change that decision next year, there was a late change of heart on Thursday afternoon.

The RSL has reversed its decision to drop the New Zealand anthem and have confirmed it will return for 2019 – even putting the call out for local Kiwis to lead the chorus at next year’s service.