Grandmother can't stop crying after almost throwing away $10m

A Perth grandmother almost threw away her winning $10 million lottery ticket.

The woman says she could not stop crying when Lotterywest called to tell her she had won, adding that she would have disposed of the ticket if she didn’t pick up the call.

“I couldn’t believe it when I was prompted to go looking for the ticket,” she said.

A Perth grandmother won $10m on the Lotto – but first had to find her ticket. Source: Getty

The Middle Swan grandmother said she buys a few Lotto tickets every week but somehow mixed the ticket up with receipts she had stashed in an old envelope.

She plans to share her prize money with her children and grandchildren before a few home renovations and spending time in the garden.

“I really haven’t had a chance for the news to sink in but my family are number one,” she said.