'It's confusing': Typo on Sydney parking sign leaves drivers baffled

A confusing sign left Sydney motorists baffled after showing conflicting information about when they were allowed to park.

Part of the street sign instructed drivers they could park for two hours from Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm.

But just below it said motorists could park for four hours between 6am and 10pm on the same days.

The contradiction, which was found on a parking sign in Millers Point in Sydney’s CBD, left many drivers scratching their heads after a local shared a photo of it to Reddit on Sunday.

A Sydney parking sign has left many motorists baffled over its ‘confusing’ times. Source: aliksong/Reddit
A Sydney parking sign has left many motorists baffled over its ‘confusing’ times. Source: aliksong/Reddit

“Would be nice if this parking sign is fixed. Should read 4h parking from 6pm – 10pm on weekdays, not 6am – 10pm. It’s confusing enough already,” Reddit user aliksong wrote.

Sydney Council confirmed to Yahoo News there was an error on the sign, saying the four-hour parking limit should have read 6pm, rather than 6am, until 10pm.

“We have identified the issue and are working to have it fixed straight away,” a council spokeswoman told Yahoo News Australia.

The announcement would be welcome news to drivers who had become frustrated at the lack of clarity.

The council put the error down to a simple mistake at the hands of one of its sign-makers.

In Roseville on Sydney’s Upper North Shore a parking space was last year sign-posted with a two-hour limit on one side, but just a half-an-hour limit on the other.

Motorists on the Gold Coast were also left baffled after two signs attached to the same pole indicated it was both a two-hour and three-hour parking area during the hours of 9am and 5pm.

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