Computer glitch sees more Victorian speed fines withdrawn

If you were snapped speeding or going through a red light in Victoria this month chances are you’ve managed to avoid a fine due to a computer virus.

An embarrassing technical glitch saw hundreds of speed fines refunded on Friday after fifty-five speeding and red light cameras were affected.

On Saturday Victoria Police assistant commissioner Doug Fryer said all infringements from June 6 will be withdrawn “in fairness to the Victorian community”.

“That does not mean they won’t be reissued,” he said.

Victoria Police have decided to withdraw all infringements from June 6 until a review. Source: 7 News

“Of the 280 cameras we have operating across Victoria I need to be absolutely sure that the 280 cameras are working correctly, with integrity and without corruption.”

He said most tickets affected were between June 6-10, but all fines would be embargoed until a review of the cameras’ operation.

“Moving forward no tickets will be issued from this date until we get the response from the Road Safety commissioner,” Asst Comm Fryer said.

A technical glitch affected speed cameras around Melbourne. Source: 7 News

He believed the number of tickets under review were up to 7,500.

Initially 590 fines were withdrawn, including three that resulted in a loss of licence.