Company relieved Malaysia is looking at its MH370 findings

Andrea Nicolas, 7News Adelaide
Company relieved Malaysia is looking at its MH370 findings

FIRST ON 7: The Adelaide company that believes it may have located MH370 is relieved Malaysian authorities have confirmed they are trying to verify its findings.

GeoResonance says it has been overwhelmed by international media attention in the past 48 hours, but that its goal has always been to have an audience with authorities.

Yesterday, it presented its findings to the Malaysian Government, which last night revealed it is working with China and Australia to examine the new lead.

The country’s transport minister was active on Twitter, saying the government needed more corroboration before it will send assets to search for the wreckage.

7News broke the news on Monday that GeoResonance had identified chemical elements on the ocean floor consistent with material from a plane.

It believes flight MH370 is sitting at the bottom of the Bay of Bengal, 5000km north of the current search zone.

Its scientists identified elements consistent with material from a plane by analysing images two days after the aircraft disappeared.

The elements were not visible before the jet vanished.

“We’ve achieved our goal through Channel 7 of getting contact with the Malaysian authorities and we’re happy with that, we felt we had a moral obligation,” the director of GeoResonance David Pope told 7News.

The company’s findings have been dismissed by Australian authorities, which are now focused on a deep sea search of the southern Indian Ocean.

GeoResonance says its technology could help in that search too.