The common road rule myth that could be fooling you

Australian drivers are not short on road rules they need to remember – but there’s one myth that continues to fool motorists – and it could be costing you precious time.

For many, the sight of an unbroken double line means you are simply not allowed to cross it at any stage, but as it turns out that is not the case.

NSW road rules allows drivers to cross a single or double line if the driver wants to enter or leave a property “by the shortest route”.

So rather than driving around the block or looking for a roundabout to enter a property, drivers are in fact allowed to break the unbroken road markings unless a sign states otherwise.

Drivers in NSW, WA and the NT are allowed to break a solid double line to enter or exit their property. Image: Getty

The same exemption is given to drivers in the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

But for those in South Australia, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania, it remains illegal to break the dividing lines when entering or exiting a property.

While NSW drivers may be permitted to break the road markings, those who continuously drive on the line could be slapped with a $263 fine and lose two demerit points.

Drivers in SA, Victoria, Queensland and NSW are also permitted to break a solid double line if they are overtaking a cyclist.

However, they must leave a one-metre gap in a 60km/h or less speed zone or a 1.5 metre gap when the speed limit is higher.