Coles shopper stunned by $25 detail on receipt: 'Pleasant surprise'

One lucky Coles shopper has walked out of her local supermarket $25 happier this week after finding an unexpected message on her receipt.

"Congratulations. You've received $25 off your shop at Coles. Your $25 will be automatically discounted the next time you spend $25.05 or more in one transaction and scan your Flybuys card after Sun 30 Oct 2022."

"Keep shopping in week 3 & 4 for an additional $25 off your shop at Coles," the message continues.

A Coles receipt with a $25 reward at the top
One Coles shopper was pleasantly surprised after completing her weekly shop on Monday. Photo: Facebook/S. Dayman

"Your next qualifying shop needs to be between Mon 17 Oct and Sun 23 Oct 2022."

The Coles customer shared the receipt to the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook group earlier this week, writing, "Pleasant surprise on my Coles docket today".

When asked what she'd done to receive the hefty discount, the shopper admitted she didn't know.

"To be honest I have no idea what I did," she wrote.

Bonus for Flybuys members

The discount is a personalised offer sent out to Flybuys members, which requires them to shop at Coles for four consecutive weeks, in order to receive either a discount on a future shop or Flybuys points.

The author of the post can receive one reward worth $25 after the first two weeks and the final reward, again worth $25, after shopping in weeks three and four.

Coles payment terminal next to Flybuys information cards
The discount is a personalised offer sent out to Flybuys members. Photo: Getty

Offer tailored to individual shoppers

Coles has confirmed to Yahoo News Australia that these Flybuys offers have been running since 2016 and are tailored to individual shoppers, so the minimum weekly spend will vary from person to person.

"I'm going to spend $110 in one transaction for 4 weeks and I will get $50 worth of Flybuy points - I'm saving them for Christmas," one group member wrote.

Another shopper revealed her weekly spend requirements: "You get $25 off or 5,000 points if you spend $80 each week for the first two weeks, and then another $25 off or 5,000 points if you spend $80 each week for the last two weeks."

A third member complained she'd also received the offer, but had to spend a much larger amount to get the same discount.

"I am given the same opportunity as long as I spend $310 a week over four weeks," the unimpressed customer wrote. "I can't do that so I never get points or the bonus."

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