Coles shopper's controversial markdown haul sparks debate: 'Not sorry'

A Coles customer has divided the internet after revealing that she had purchased every single block of butter that had been marked down at the supermarket.

In a post on the Facebook group Markdown Addicts Australia, the shopper posted a photo of several blocks of Western Star butter displayed at Coles Lake Haven in NSW, with the caption: "500g butter $1.88 each down from $7.50. I took them all."

'I would have left some'

The woman's purchase, however, fuelled a debate over whether or not she should have left some blocks for other customers amid rising costs of living.

"I would have left some, as there are many people struggling," one person commented about the haul.

"During these hard times and so many people doing it tough I would have left some for someone else. But that's just me," another member chimed.

Marked-down butter on Coles shelf
A Coles customer received criticism for buying all the marked-down butter at her local store, but some leapt to her defence. Source: Facebook

'Not sorry' - shopper hits back at critics

The author of the post took aim at those who were critical of her decision to buy every block of butter.

"All you clowns commented 'of course I did' or 'I would've left some', I left shelves and shelves of meat, didn't take a single thing so I did leave some for others but I bake every week so butter this cheap I wouldn't go past. And no I'm not sorry because butter is expensive and I just happened to be lucky today," she wrote in an edit to her original post.

Another shopper leapt to the woman's defence, commenting: "Don't even bother justifying yourself, these people have no right to say judgmental things. Good score."

"Finding markdown bargains comes down to 'right place, right time'. Items are marked down to sell quickly," another bargain hunter wrote. "If you buy them all, to keep yourself or share with family/friends, does not need to be justified... It's such a good feeling when you find a great markdown and it makes me happy when I see someone has found one. The world is a tough enough place at the moment, be kind."

Praise for savvy shopping

While some shoppers were unimpressed with the woman's bargain butter haul, many more applauded her and said they would have done the same thing.

"I would have taken them all, I love a bargain and this is something that gets used daily in my house so you bet if I seen them I'd take 'em all too! Who cares what others think, they don't know your situation or anyone else's situation so have no right to judge," one person commented.

A supermarket employee also praised the shopper for taking every block of marked-down butter.

"As someone who works in a supermarket, thank you! We hate having to bin products so if you see it, buy it! We don't care how much you buy (unless there is a limit for some reason), take it all! Right place, right time," she wrote.

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