Coles customers targeted in cunning gift card scam

Coles customers are once again being warned of a gift card scam which attempts to dupe shoppers by contacting them via text message or email.

Multiple customers have taken to social media in recent days to highlight fake messages purporting to be from the supermarket giant.

According to Coles, such phishing scams predominantly attempt to collect your personal details, financial information or request payment for goods or services.

One shopper shared a screenshot of an email she had received that addressed her by her full name.

An email a customer received pretending to be from Coles. Source: Facebook
An email a customer received pretending to be from Coles. Source: Facebook

It said one of her previous receipts had been entered into a draw and she had won. Her prize was store credit which could be obtained by answering a short survey.

The email used Coles' official logo.

Coles has warned such instructions can lead to a request for personal details or financial information.

"Coles advises customers to be aware of websites, competitions and other unsolicited promotions that use the Coles Brand without Coles’ permission or which promote Coles Gift cards in an attempt to appear legitimate," a Coles spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

Customers urged to contact Coles if they get scam message

Anyone who is suspicious of a message they have received are urged to contact Coles' customer care team and Scamwatch, Coles informed customers on social media.

In recent years the supermarket, as well as Woolworths, have seen an increase in scams targeting customers through text and email as the sophistication of methods used by scammers increases.

Previous circulating scams have falsely claimed customers can receive gift cards for $250 and $500.

Coles' website details a list of potential scams customers can receive by unsolicited contact.

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