Coles customer horrified by dead animal inside can of chickpeas

Coles have responded and are investigating the unsettling incident.

A Coles shopper got more than he bargained for after finding what appears to be a tiny dead rodent inside his can of Coles brand chickpeas on Sunday.

The horrified Adelaide customer showed the dead creature online, saying he wanted to report it to make sure people who'd bought the same batch would be informed of the potential health risk.

Full can of Coles chickpeas with top of dead 'rat' seen in left image. Strainer with what looks like part of a dead 'rat' or a dead mouse that came out of the can on the right.
A customer finds what appears to be a rodent in a Coles can of chickpeas. Source: TikTok

Coles apologise for 'experience'

Coles, who are investigating with their supplier after being contacted by the customer, told Yahoo News Australia they are "concerned" to hear about what the customer found. "Our suppliers take great care when processing products and include a team that conducts quality checks during processing," a spokesperson said.

"This item in question inside this product should have been identified and graded out at the time of processing. Food safety is paramount at Coles. In this case, we have apologised to the customer for their experience".

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Dead animals in supermarket goods not impossible

In November, two frogs were reportedly found in bags of leafy greens bought by customers— one was found in a Coles salad mix and the other in a bag of spinach bought at Woolworths.

Though it's not surprising to occasionally find the odd bug or animal in fresh produce, finding it in a can of goods is a far less digestible thought for Aussies "disgusted" across the country.

"I have now unlocked a new fear from canned chickpeas," one person said after seeing the video of the rodent on TikTok. "I've gone and thrown out my tins now... thanks," another replied.

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