Woman 'embarrassed' by find in Coles bag at checkout: 'OH MY'

People have shared some embarrassing discoveries in their shopping bags when arriving at the checkout.

A woman was left red-faced after a slippery stowaway accompanied her on a regular trip to Coles.

Krystal French was at her local supermarket on the Gold Coast when her young son handed the checkout worker their reusable bags, prompting an usual reaction from the teen.

"I could hear him make this noise and go, 'oh my gosh, there's a frog in there!'" Ms French told Yahoo News Australia.

Thinking the worker must have been referring to one of her children's toys, she checked the bag herself but was indeed greeted by the sight of a live green tree frog contently perched inside.

The Coles worker holding the bag with the frog inside.
The Coles worker apologised to the customer for the frog despite it being Ms French who unknowingly brought it with her. "It's my frog!" she said. Source: TikTok / cyancaravan

The incident caused some commotion, holding up the checkout queue which left Ms French feeling "embarrassed". Another Coles worker offered to take the frog outside and apologised, but the 32-year-old was swift to clarify that it was her who unknowingly brought the frog into the store.

Unusual finds in shopping bags

Ms French uploaded a video recounting the incident on TikTok where others shared some interesting discoveries that have been found inside shopping bags at the checkout.

"A nest of baby rats with the other bags chewed and used as bedding," one checkout worker shared online.

"A worn pair of knickers! At some point they’ve just fallen in and were hidden by the bags within bags," another said.

One woman queueing behind Ms French said "at least it wasn't a cockroach" as she recalled an experience she had previously had. The checkout worker also shared that he had once had a reusable bag with a "handful of someone's cigarette butts" in it while he was on shift.

Ms French praised the workers for being so accomodating and for even going out their way to make her feel at ease despite the incident causing a disruption.

"They had a little bit of a laugh as well, it was kind of nice they made me feel comfortable even though I brought a frog," she said.

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