Cities to cop severe frost and minus temperatures this weekend

As temperatures plummeted across southern Australia overnight, severe frost and freezing conditions are expected to continue through the weekend, dipping to below zero in some areas.

On Friday, Canberra and Adelaide recorded their coldest morning of the year following the longest night of the year.

A broad ridge of high pressure across southern Australia caused clear skies and light winds on Thursday night, allowing temperatures to drop more than five degrees below average in some areas.

Shortly after the sun rose on Friday morning, Canberra had reached -5.1 degrees, and Adelaide 3.5 degrees, making this the coldest start so for this year in both cities.

After a long night, Mildura’s -2.1 degrees on Friday morning was seven below average and its lowest June temperature in six years, according to WeatherZone. 

The weekend is looking to back up the nation’s frosty conditions with another icy blast to set in Friday night.

Three kangaroos hop along a fence line bordering a field covered in a thick blanket of frost during a seasonal cold snap outside Canberra. Source: AP Photo/Rob Griffith)

A trough and cold front is due to cross South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania, generating a few showers on Saturday.

While that wet weather won’t quite make it across the border into NSW, lows of one degree are forecast for Sydney’s outer west.

Minimums will dip below zero for many NSW inland centres on Saturday, including Wagga Wagga, Mudgee, and Bathurst, while one degree is the forecast minimum for the outer west.

Coastal winds have settled down, with the only spot within a warning area Saturday being Eden Coast.

The Northern Territory’s Top End is even set for a cold start to the weekend with the Bureau of Meteorology predicting it to dip to a chilly -1 degree in Alice Springs on Saturday – which is even cooler than our southern states.

Melbourne will see temps dip to seven degrees, while Hobart will reach a low of six degrees, before a shower or two heads to both capital cities, according to the BoM.

Canberra will dip below freezing again, with a low of -1 on Saturday morning, ahead of a top of 13.

Sydney’s temperature range is forecast between seven to 20 degrees over the weekend; while Brisbane should expect stunning winter weather continuing, with a top of 23.

Adelaide temperatures are expected between eight and 15 degrees on the weekend.

“Onshore winds and an approaching front in the south are bringing the odd shower to western Tasmania,” Weatherwatch reported. 

“A high is keeping the rest of the country largely dry and clear with gentle winds, leading to frost and areas of fog developing inland in the southeast.”

Western Australia is however looking at a mostly sunny start to the weekend, with a top of 21 to follow Friday’s night’s seven degrees.