Child exposed to dangerous chemicals in home ‘meth lab’

A young child has been exposed to potentially life-threatening chemicals after his father, a former soldier, allegedly set up a meth lab at home.

It’s alleged the seven-year-old’s father turned their Blacktown property into a toxic suburban lab for the manufacture of ice.

The little boy allegedly told his teachers and classmates that his dad was a scientist, saying
there was a “science room” in their home and he wasn’t allowed in. 

A seven-year-old boy was living in a home with an alleged meth lab inside. Source: 7 News
The little boy told teachers there was a “special room” inside the house which he was not allowed to enter. Source: 7 News

Police discovered the illegal set-up in October last year, with court documents revealing the man’s mother dobbed him in, claiming “there was a constant, strong smell of chemicals coming from the inside of the house”.

A hair sample confirmed the schoolboy had been exposed to countless dangerous chemicals.

“The chemicals involved in manufacturing methamphetamine are extremely dangerous and if a child is exposed directly to that it could kill them,” Meth Screen CEO Ryan Matthews said.

The 31-year-old former soldier fronted court on Friday and is now set to stand trial over drug manufacturing and supply charges.

The accused is believed to be the boy’s father and a former soldier. Source: 7 News

The boy is now living with his mother.

“He’s doing very well, he’s extremely well and he’s going to school,” the boy’s grandfather told 7 News.

“But at the end of the day, you’re still questioning, what’s going to be the long-term effect?”

If convicted, the boy’s father could spend close to two decades behind bars.

The man’s mother reported to police that a strong chemical smell was coming from the house. Source: 7 News