The change to the Weet-Bix value packs that has shoppers outraged

A change to a much-loved Weet-Bix product has left some consumers scratching their heads.

Some have shared their concern about the size of the value packs on offer being reduced while claiming the price has remained similar on the Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing Facebook page.

“For quite a while I’ve been buying Weet-Bix value packs, 1.5kg for $5 from Coles,” one shopper wrote online.

“I notice the value pack has recently become 1.2kg for the same price (in both Coles and Woolies).”

He asked Sanitarium to explain why the weight of the product was reduced by 20 per cent but the price has not changed.

A woman called it “another hit to the family budget”.

“Value pack same price but 300g less, not cool,” she wrote.

“Nothing in store indicated any change but comparing the old box to the new you’re stiffing us a whole row of Weet_Bix in the new box,” a third customer posted online.

Ben Christie‎ shared this image to the to Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing Facebook page a couple of weeks ago. Source: Facebook

Sanitarium confirmed the larger 1.5kg pack of Weet-Bix was available in Coles until December 2018, before it was replaced with the smaller but “more popular” 1.2kg size.

The food company says the current price is still “exceptional value nutrition in the breakfast aisle.”

“The current on-shelf pricing for the 1.2kg Weet-Bix pack comes to just 14 cents per serve (two Weet-Bix)”

“Rising input cost pressures such as energy and transport have been impacting the Australian manufacturing sector for some time,” the statement continued.

“The drought exacerbated these pressures, particularly in relation to the cost of wheat.”

The company says it is still committed to proving affordable health foods to families.

Kylie Grivell‎ shared this image online, writing, “Another hit to the family budget”. Source: Facebook

Woolworths has said it did not previously carry the bigger 1.5kg box.  

“As a result of a recent cost increase by Sanitarium, we’ve reluctantly moved the shelf price of 1.2kg Weetbix,”  a Woolworths spokesperson said.

“We continue to work hard to offer value to our customers across their total shop, with more than 5,000 products on our Low Price Always and Prices Dropped programs.”