Jen Aniston's colourist reveals major impact of virus on stars' hair

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As the doom and gloom of the coronavirus crisis continues to sweep the globe, it seems the pandemic has infiltrated every aspect of life.

According to celebrity hair colourist Michael Canalé, the global situation has even had a serious impact on the famous heads of hair he oversees.

Michael Canale colourist to the stars
Celebrity colourist Michael Canalé has revealed exactly how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted celebrity hair for the better. Photo: Instagram

The celebrity stylist tells Yahoo Lifestyle the pandemic has seen a major change in trends and looks currently dominating the celebrity-scape, and exactly why that is.

Best known as the man behind the enviable golden lock of Friends’ megastar Jennifer Aniston, Michael has an exclusive look at how the world’s most famous heads are changing amid the pandemic, and it seems there’s a silver lining to the mostly dismal global situation.

Michael tells Yahoo Lifestyle that Jennifer’s trademark locks actually received a major boost during the pandemic, and it’s likely yours did as well – even if you haven’t noticed yet!

Months of staying home meant less styling, less dramatic hairstyles, and most importantly less heat on Jen’s famous blonde locks.

The result?

Jennifer Aniston covid hair cut
Michael says the pandemic has been a 'great time for hair', particularly for celebrity clients like Jennifer Aniston. Photo: Instagram

“This is a great time for hair,” Michael says. “Look how long Jennifer Aniston’s hair is right now. It’s because she’s not been using blow dryers, irons, it’s six inches longer than it was in February.”

Michael, who has previously revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle that the impossibly luscious heads of hair many celebrities boast are almost always hair extensions, says that now, people like Jen are going au naturel when it comes to their manes.

Jenniffer Aniston Jimmy Kimmel Emmy Awards 2020 covid
Michael points out that at this year's Emmy's Jennifer was sporting all her own hair thanks to months off the heat tools. Photo: Getty Images

“You saw her on the Emmys, that’s her hair, no extensions,” he says.

If you too have put down the hairdryer for longer than usual, you might notice a few solid inches of healthier hair yourself, and if you’ve been unable to make it to the hair salon, you may have accidentally jumped on the latest hair colour trend that has gained momentum during the virus – your own.


Virus spurs new, all-natural colour trend

These days, Michael says they are working at creating colours that match the natural hair as much as possible, so that if and when lockdown come around again, the hair is made to work with any regrowth, and look as natural as possible.

“The trend [right now] is easy on the hair techniques and maintain and blend natural colour so that it lasts longer,” he reveals. “Solid colours are always in.”

“It’s really people maintaining their hair colour, blending it with the natural. This thing is not over yet, we could go into shutdown again.”

“The look that’s in right now, is hair that grows out well.”

Khloe Kardashian in brown hair dye natural COVID hair trend
The colours being rocked by your favourite celebs right now are likely very close to their natural tone. Photo: Instagram

This means that if any of your favourite celebs have been spotted rocking a different looks these days, it’s likely you're seeing their natural hair colour for the first time ever, as stylists and colourists work to eke out as much life from appointment to appointment.

Michael even launched a brand new range of products specifically made to enhance and lengthen the life of your last dye job the Color By Canalé Signature Glosses.

It seems a faded colour, rather than some dramatic regrowth is the real enemy of long-lasting hair colour and is something the glosses promise to extend by locking colour into the hair shaft and stopping the dreaded fade.

“It turns out to be one of the best things to elongate hair colour,” he says. “Say you get highlights and suddenly you can’t go back [to the salon] for four or five months. Your colour will either dull or fade or just lose its shine. This revitalises the hair itself.”

The real secret behind celebrities’ ever-changing hair looks

Kylie Jenner pink hair wig
Apart from the obvious coloured wigs of the likes of Kylie Jenner, Michael says many celebs rely on faux hair to keep changing their style. Photo: Instagram

If you have found yourself dying to emulate some of the whackier hair trends that have cropped up in the past year or so, however, Michael warns that much like the secret prevalence of hair extensions, many celebrities have another secret up their sleeves when it comes to regularly mixing up their dye jobs in snaps shared with fans.

“The funny thing is that a lot of these people that people think look amazing, like the hair colours that people have been admiring for the last four to five years, those are all wigs,” he reveals.

“Most people wear wigs because all of their hair is broken off.”

He says years of rough dye jobs mean many of us, celebrities included, are left with hair that is a fraction of its former glory, and for many wigs are an easy and convenient way to maintain a luscious head of hair.

So if you’re wondering how some of your favourite beauties keep chopping and changing their hair from week to week, Michael has your answer, and he warns against trying to do the same to your own, real hair.

“It's because [they’re] changing wigs,” he says. “These wigs are amazing, the netting goes on the skin, I’ve seen them, you can’t tell.”

Michael Canale The Rachel hair colour cut Friends Jennifer Aniston Rachel Green
Michael, who invented the famous Rachel colour, says classic like this are always in style. Photo: Getty Images

Luckily it seems the tide is firmly turning, with the natural look back to stay.

“People are now enhancing their own look, not branching out.,” he says, adding the best looks are always the timeless ones.

“We don’t come up with new looks, we enhance the character.”

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