Carlton fan cancels membership after club 'sits on fence' over same-sex marriage vote

A long-term Carlton supporter has condemned her beloved club in a scathing letter after they failed to throw their support behind the same-sex marriage campaign.

The Blues were accused of causing a "pr disaster" on Wednesday when they released a statement declining to endorse the Yes Campaign on marriage equality.

In a short statement following the AFL's support of the "Yes" campaign, the Blues declared themselves to be a "leader in engendering equality" but fell short of recommending a yes vote.

"The issue of 'same sex marriage' is essentially one of equality; and so the club encourages all of its people to have their say in this important national vote," it said.

"As a club, we respect that this is about personal choice, and as such don't intend to campaign on the issue, but we do strongly reinforce our club's absolute commitment to equality - and a community that is free from any form of discrimination."

A long-term Carlton meber said she will not be renewing her membership after the club failed to throw their support behind the yes vote. Source: Wikipedia

Rebecca Hanley has been a Carlton member for the past 13 years but insisted that was about to change.

"I will not be renewing my Carlton membership in 2018 or future years due to the club's public statement on same-sex marriage," Ms Hanley wrote.

"To call Carlton a 'leader in engendering equality' was a hollow statement in light of the lack of action on this important social issue.

"Now is the time to stand up. Now is the time to speak out."

Former Blues defender Michael Jamison said the club should not be siting on the fence for such an important issue. Source: Getty

Retired defender Michael Jamison also took aim at his former club for "sitting on the fence".

Jamison, who left the club at the end of last season after 150 matches, suggested it wasn't good enough.

AFL clubs Western Bulldogs, North Melbourne and Collingwood have pledged support for marriage equality in the past fortnight, joining long-term campaigners Sydney and St Kilda - who pioneered the annual pride game - on the issue.

'AFL wrong, Carlton right on this': Elliott

But 3AW host Tom Elliott, the son of former Carlton president John Elliott, has defended the Blues' stance on not taking sides in the same-sex marriage debate.

"I am a Carlton supporter and I absolutely support the club in what it is doing," Tom Elliott told Sunrise on Thursday.

"The vote on same-sex marriage is a personal vote. For every member who says 'I'm going to votes yes', there could be another who says 'I'm going to vote no'.

"I don't go the football to be lectured on issues like same-sex marriage, the republic or any other number of trendy issues the AFL or other clubs want to support.

"So I support Carlton in saying it is an individual decision and just leaving it at that. The AFL is on the wrong horse with this one."