'I can't drive': Incredible moment students save bus driver's life

Quick-thinking students have saved the life of their bus driver after she blacked out on a highway.

The US bus driver known as Miss Denise was driving 30 Seneca High School students in Louisville, Kentucky when she started to experience a medical emergency on Tuesday.

Miss Denise’s vision began to blur as she was driving, but she managed to navigate the bus off the highway it was travelling on.

She pulled the air brake and stopped the bus before she blacked out.

“The last thing I remember saying was, ‘I can’t drive!’ and that was right before I popped the air brake,” Miss Denise told WRDB.

Shikita Scott, A’niyah Goldsberry, Jarvon Grundy, and Jade Carter saved their bus driver. Source: WHAS 11

But that’s when four students responded to the call of action. Shikita Scott, A’niyah Goldsberry, Jarvon Grundy, and Jade Carter were quick to come to their bus driver’s aid.

The group quickly called 911, radioed bus dispatch, and laid Miss Denise down on the bus.

They placed cool water on her forehead and waited for emergency personnel to arrive.

All the students on the bus were safe thanks to Miss Denise. But Miss Denise says the four students earn credit for saving her life.

“It could have been life-threatening,” Miss Denise said.

During the incident, the bus driver’s eyes were rolling to the back of her head, according to Ms Scott.

Miss Denise thanked the four students for saving her life . Source: WHAS 11

“She looked like her body was just about to give up,” Ms Goldsberry added.

Ms Scott said she had watched her dad take his last breath and didn’t want to see that happen to Miss Denise.

The students were called to the library on Tuesday where they thought they would talk with school officials about what happened during the bus ride.

Instead, Miss Denise surprised them with hugs and roses.

“If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be standing here today,” Miss Denise told the students through tears.”

It comes after three high school students took control of a moving bus to save about 25 passengers on board after the driver became unconscious and later died.

Bus driver Gerald Gardner had just picked up students at a Texas high school in the US and was leaving the campus when he lost consciousness.

The bus began rolling across the highway until three quick-thinking students from Sealy High School and Sealy Junior High quickly took control of the wheel and safely parked the bus, WUSA9 reported.

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