Bunnings shopper's disastrous parking fail cracks up Aussies

A Bunnings customer has been called out for their shocking parking fail which left them in the middle of the road.

Parking fails have been riling up Aussies left, right and centre lately and one Bunnings shopper's attempt at parking is no different.

4WD adventurer Aaron was at a Bunnings near Newcastle, NSW when he noticed a small silver car parked in the middle of the road, sitting directly in front of an allocated space.

"You can't park there, mate," Aaron said online alongside the 15-second footage.

Image of the parking fail in Bunnings car park.
Bunnings shopper's disastrous parking fail cracks up Aussies. Source: TikTok

As he approaches the Hyundai, it's clear that the car is empty — with its driver nowhere to be seen.

"Nailed it," the man joked of the parking fail in the caption of the footage shared on TikTok.

Those who saw the dodgy park were gobsmacked. "Not a bright spark are ya bud?" one said, while others merely laughed at how disastrous it was.

Recently, there have been numerous Aussies — sick of "entitled" drivers — calling out blatantly bad parks online, and shaming drivers by sharing the fails online.

In December, a ute driver in Melbourne parked diagonally across a whopping three spaces in a shopping centre car park. And, on Tuesday, a subtle parking act was labelled "selfish" and "infuriating" by Aussies after being captured on video on a quiet suburban street.

Fed-up driver ordered pre-made cards for bad car parks

Ryan O'Daly, so sick of seeing shocking parking jobs himself, has taken matters into his own hands by going so far as to purchase laminated cards to leave on the windscreen of cars parked in such a way.

"Learn to park. You accidentally parked like an a**hole. Get the help you need before becoming the s**thead everyone hates," the black and orange cards read which he leaves on offending vehicles.

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