'Selfish' parking act sparks backlash from Aussie drivers

Another parking act on an Aussie street has been called into question with the witness accusing the motorist of not considering other drivers.

A subtle parking act has been labelled as "selfish" and "infuriating" by Aussies after being captured on video on a quiet suburban street.

Sarah Fletcher had tried to park behind a white car on a cul-de-sac on the Gold Coast on Tuesday but was left with no choice but to find another spot due to the vehicle in front leaving too little room.

She later filmed the white car from a window above showing how it was parked. A decent amount of space was left in front before the yellow line — which indicates where you must not stop or park.

"See how you’ve got room at the start here where the yellow line is?" she said online. "You could move up a little bit and allow extra room at the back there for a person to park. But you have decided to be selfish today".

Image of the cul-de-sac with with white car parked on the side of the road leaving a gap between them and the yellow line in front.
The white car had left so much space in front that a second car could not park behind it. Source: TikTok

Responses quickly flew in from equally frustrated drivers who have dealt with this same parking problem before, slamming the lack of consideration other drivers display.

"Some dog does this on the street I park on for work and it infuriates me!!!" one exclaimed.

"Yeah at work they do this. I scream… why didn't you move up? Now I have to park all the way around the corner," a second shared.

"Some people live in their own bubble without a thought for anyone else," a third added.

'Selfish' parkers called out across the country

Another recent "selfish" parking act that was slammed online led to a bus passenger with a disability requiring help after a driver parked in front of a designated stop.

The group of bodybuilders who rushed in to help were praised, while others slammed the parking move saying so many people are "entitled" and "don't give a hoot" when parking.

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