Bunbury pensioner caught in $15k tradie scam

Bunbury pensioner caught in $15k tradie scam

The Department of Consumer Protection is urging people to be vigilant after a Bunbury pensioner was scammed $15,000 by travelling conmen.

The man was approached by the tradesman who called themselves Jim and Steven, who spoke with an Irish accent, and said they were from a registered Perth roofing company.

They gave a verbal quote for about $1000 to replace the roof tiles of his home but they later demanded $50,000 for the job.

The man was forced to drive to bank and withdraw $15,000 that he had set aside for his funeral fund.

The man, who did not want to be named, said he was conned because he was too trusting.

He has given up hope of getting the money back because he paid the men cash without receiving a receipt.

Consumer Protection South West regional coordinator Debbie Butler said the conmen could be heading to Margaret River.

She said the conmen appeared to target vulnerable customers including elderly people, full-time mums and carers and people with a disability.

The department has said if people suspect someone is a travelling conman they should ask them to leave.

If they refuse and you feel threatened, call the police to report trespass.

You can report any details to Consumer Protection’s general advice line: 1300 30 40 54 or the national travelling conmen hotline: 1300 133 408.


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