'Was not expecting this': Snake catcher's surprise in 'snake infested' hut

A Brisbane family was horrified when they found what they thought was a group of snakes living in their garage.

Quickly on the phone to Brisbane Snake Catchers, Stew Lalor said he was expecting a huge carpet python curled up somewhere.

What he discovered was a very different story.

"The family were from a different nationality so at first it was a bit of confusion as to where the snakes were as it was in a garage with a very tall roof and they could not speak english very well," he told Yahoo7.

The family were terrified. Source: Facebook
The family thought the snakes were real. Source: Facebook

"After getting higher up on a ladder I noticed one of the snakes they were talking about and pulled it down."

Mr Lalor said it didn't take him long to realise that the snakes were actually fake.

"I showed them it was fake and let them touch to see. I then found two more hanging from the rafters," he said.

There were several fake snakes found. Source: Facebook

"Never-the-less the family were relieved and we all had a bit of a laugh and there children thought it was exciting."

Mr Lalor says neither he nor the family know why the snakes were put there but he assumes maybe some neighbouring kids "thought they would pull a prank".