Brisbane backpackers hostel slammed over 'weirdest' rule ever

A backpackers hostel in Brisbane has caused a stir online over its unusually 'tough' check-in policies.

In a post on reddit, which has since gone viral, one user flagged a peculiar note in the property details for City Backpackers HQ.

“All guests wanting to stay in a dorm style accommodation will have to have a full size travellers backpack (75L or above),” it read.

“This is to ensure you are sharing the room with genuine travellers.”

Backpackers swim in the pool at City Backpackers HQ in Brisbane.
Backpackers will need to have a 75-litre backpack if they want to stay at City Backpackers HQ in Brisbane. Source: City Backpackers HQ
Backpackers at the airport (left) and sitting on the ground (right)
Backpackers will need to have a 75-litre backpack if they want to stay at City Backpackers HQ in Brisbane. Source: AAP

With more than 120 comments, the guideline has left many raging.

“That’s enormous,” one person wrote, referring to the minimum size bag.

“I am currently lugging around a 60L duffel and it feels huge,” another shared. “I can’t imagine a 75L backpack.”

“I travelled for 10 months with a 40L backpack,” someone else said. “Guess I’m not a genuine traveller.”

While another added that “this has got to be one of the weirdest restrictions for checking into a hostel that I’ve ever seen".

"I'm small," someone said. "You want me to carry more than my own size? Ridiculous."

City Backpackers HQ room
City Backpackers HQ says the rule is to ensure only 'genuine backpackers' use the dorms. Source: City Backpackers HQ

But others were quick to point out a possible reason for the hostel’s policy.

“I remember rules at a couple of hostels were meant to keep out locals,” one reddit user wrote. “Maybe this is an unfortunate version of that.

“They want the atmosphere of travellers not locals looking for a cheap place to crash,” another agreed.

“It’s harsh but that really is a vibe killer,” someone else said. “Rocking up at a hostel and my room is taken over by a guy who’s lived there for months.”

City Backpackers HQ room (left) and kitchen (right)
Other users were angry they they needed an international passport to stay in a dorm. Source: City Backpackers HQ

While others took offence with a second policy that stipulated that anyone wishing to stay in a dorm must have an international passport.

“[That’s] rough as well,” one person wrote. “I’m Australian and have stayed in hostels when travelling Australia because it’s been affordable.”

Yahoo News Australia contacted City Backpackers HQ on Wednesday but the hostel refused to comment.

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