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Bride breaks down in tears at the altar after receiving huge surprise

A TikTok user has taken to the app to share a video from her wedding when she received a special surprise while at the altar.

Checa Rodriguez had not seen her grandparents in 10 years, but they managed to attend her wedding and surprise her.

Bride surprised at the altar
A bride has taken to TikTok to share video of the moment she received a heartwarming surprise during her wedding. Photo: TikTok/ChecaRodriguez

In a video that has been viewed over 3.4 million times, Checa has just reached the altar with her husband when she spots her grandparents at the back of the room and immediately breaks down into tears.

The camera is then pointed at her grandparents with her grandmother also unable to contain her emotions.

"Seeing my grandparents at my wedding after 10 years," she captioned the emotional video.


"Wasn't even halfway through the vid and started sobbing," one user commented. "I would've run down to hug them."

"Aw, no dry eyes here," another wrote. "Beautiful."

"This is amazing! What I'd give to have my grandparents still here," a third said.

"Instant tears, I miss my grandparents so much," someone else wrote.

Bride's grandmother
Checa Rodriguez had not seen her grandparents in 10 years, but they managed to attend her wedding and surprise her. Photo: TikTok/Checa Rodriguez

Many others asked for Checa to share the story of why it had been so long, so she shared another follow-up video.

"I didn't expect for this to blow up this way, at all," she said, clearly surprised. "I'm like, blown away."

She then shared the reason she hadn't seen her grandparents in so long, explaining she had moved to the US in 2011 and had only been able to visit home the same year for an emergency. Meanwhile, her grandmother hadn't been able to travel since then as "she had no papers to come over".

Checa's grandmother had told her she wouldn't be able to travel for the wedding as her papers were still being processed.

Then, her aunt found out that her grandmother's papers were in the final stages of the process.

"She had the final appointment to get her stuff done and they figured out a way to get them done quick enough for her to make it to my wedding," she said.

Checa added that she was in such shock when she saw her grandmother because "she was the last person that I ever thought I would see at my wedding, or even in this country".

"What an amazing story, so glad she was able to make it," one user commented.

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