'They could have killed us': Brazen clown bandits traumatise families

Four families from a small suburb of Adelaide, have been left traumatised by home invaders, one of them wearing a clown mask.

The brazen pair broke in while families at Gulfview Heights were sleeping, and stole a car, a TV and wallets.

The thieves went on a door-to-door crime spree throughout the suburb.

Victim Nick Lioulios said they had ransacked the joint. Image: 7 News

Nick Lioulios said: “They barricaded my dog in the back of the al fresco, they stole my car, ransacked the joint inside and it's horrific.

“My poor daughter, she's come down and said, 'daddy, they could have killed us'."

CCTV caught the pair driving away. Image: 7 News

They thieves then broke into another house and stole a TV.

A father confronted one of the intruders in his lounge room. He said he saw a man in a mask and chased him out of the door.

The brazen bandits then went to a third house and once again broke in through the back while a family was asleep inside.

The pair escaped in a car like this. Image: 7 News

The pair escaped in a silver Hyundai Sonata with the registration SO-44-ACA.