'Disturbed neighbours' plead with man to 'invest in curtains' after witnessing a very private moment

A fed-up Bondi resident has penned a letter to his neighbours after catching one of them performing a lewd act while playing loud music on a weeknight.

The man, aged in his early-30s, who does not wish to be named, wrote the letter on Wednesday after witnessing his neighbours in the building next door playing loud house music from their apartment block after midnight on the two previous nights.

“We’d appreciate if you can keep the volume down late on weeknights. You’re close to a lot of people who have jobs and would prefer not to be kept up after midnight with loud music,” he wrote.

The man also claims when he yelled out on Wednesday morning about 12.30am he witnessed his neighbour performing a lewd act.

A shocked Bondi man penned this letter to his neighbours. Source: Supplied

“Having to yell out to keep the music down at 12.30am on a Wednesday morning to a full naked guy playing with himself – really not cool,” he wrote.

“Maybe invest in a set of headphones and some curtains.”

The note is signed off without a name and reads: “your disturbed neighbours”.

The man told Yahoo7 he’s been living in the building since December and people in the area regularly move in and out. He believes the group playing the loud music are travellers and added, “they play loud music on random nights – usually Monday or Tuesday” and “it’s constant”. Sometimes it’s a group of up to 10 people playing loud music in the courtyard.

The apartment block is at Bondi Beach. File pic. Source: AAP

He’s also yet to call the police and decided a “passive-aggressive” note was the better approach after witnessing his neighbour masturbating.

“On Tuesday, the music was so much louder so I yelled out for them to keep it down,” he said.

“I looked and there’s this guy standing there by himself with the window open, facing outside, no pants on playing with himself."

The man said he tried to make his neighbour aware that he could see him masturbating.

"I don’t know if he heard me," he said.

"I was trying to be polite but I had to yell louder.”

The man said his neighbour was “completely oblivious” and isn’t sure if the yelling led to him eventually deciding to shut the window. He’s not sure if the man stopped as he couldn’t see what was happening once the window was shut. He added he’s only witnessed his neighbour doing this once.

“I’m hoping this note shames them into shutting up,” he said.

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