Body falls out of ambulance in Russia on way to hospital

Kate Burke

Distressing vision has emerged of the moment a sick man in Russia fell out of the ambulance that was taking him to hospital.

The patient was being rushed to hospital in Korlyov, near Moscow, last week when he fell out of the side door, Moscow Today reports.

Dashcam video shows cars moving to the side of the road to make way for the ambulance as it zooms up behind them.

The patient's feet can be seen hanging out of the ambulance door.

As the ambulance drives by the vehicle with the dashcam, a pair of legs can be seek poking out of the vehicle’s side door.

Only seconds after the patient’s feet hit the road, his whole body goes tumbling out of the ambulance and is dragged along the ground.

The ambulance kept driving for several metres after the patient fell onto the road.

A woman in the car can be heard speaking in shocked tones as she sees the man lying limp on the road.

Incredibly, the ambulance drives on for around another 10 metres, before it comes to a stop.

It is not clear why the man was being taken to hospital or what injuries he sustained when he fell out of the ambulance.

Local media said police never received a report about the incident and the ambulance service was denying that the accident occurred.

News break – December 22