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Bizarre theory about King Charles' security team emerges online

King Charles III's bodyguards have become the subject of a wild conspiracy theory.

A TikToker named Jason has questioned whether some of the King's bodyguards had fake arms so they could put one of their hands on a gun, which could be concealed under their jackets.

There were two guards that made Jason suspicious when the King was greeting the public following Queen Elizabeth's death. One is seen firmly holding his left hand with his right, with the conspirator claiming it "looks to be inanimate".

Pictured on the left are the two security guards - the man on the left being Major Johnny Thompson and on the left is King Charles II standing with security.
King Charles' security guards, including Major Johnny Thompson (far left), have been the source of some suspicion, with some believing they were using fake arms. Source: TikTok/jase_the_ace_

The "man on the left" is Major Johnny Thompson, from the 5th Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland, a few people pointed out in the comments.

Another man seen standing next to the first also had what looked to be a fake arm, in Jason's opinion.

Both his arms were pinned to his sides, one hand was clenched in a fist, the other appears to be more relaxed.

"That open palm grip doesn't change at all," the caption on Jason's video says, adding there's a "strange swing with the arm, and there appears to be a bulge under his jacket in the man's torso region.

People divided over bodyguard theory

As many people pointed out, having the King's security detail carrying guns is not totally wild.

"The clue is in the name, 'armed security'," one person said.

"Yes. That’s the King, of course, his security have their hands on their guns," another said.

However, Jason clarified in the comments that the question wasn't if the guards were armed, but whether fake arms are being used as a deterrent of sorts.

While some people entertained the idea, many were not impressed with the theory and said some people just have "too much time on their hands".

"Looking way too much into this," one person said.

The security threat ahead of the Queen's funeral has been deemed as high by a former Royal Protection Officer. On Monday, thousands of world leaders will gather in London to say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II.

A few years ago, there was speculation that one of former US President Donald Trump's bodyguards also had a fake arm.

In the 2017 video, Trump was seen walking with his wife, Melania, and one of the security guards had quite still hands as he walked just a few paces behind the couple.

However, the theory was eventually debunked, with Reuters noting the full video was not being circulated and later on the man was seen to move both of his hands.

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