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Bizarre sight at Perth servo baffles locals a year on from 'tragedy'

Police and locals alike were stumped after finding the discovery at the high height.

Residents in Perth's south were stunned to spot a new addition to the roof of a service station over the weekend — a cow appearing to watch over the busy road below.

The statue, which is reportedly made of fibreglass, was stolen from Byford Primary School and it is unclear how the heavy mass was hoisted up to the high height.

The cow statue can be seen on top of the service station roof while motorists drive past.
The cow statue could be seen by motorists driving past the Byford service station on Sunday morning. Source: 9 News

Police are trying to understand who is responsible for the bizarre act and how they managed to move it while going undetected, leaving locals to wonder if it was a late April Fool's Day stunt.

It took a team effort to retrieve the stranded cow, with a cherry picker aiding the rescue. Many others watched on from below as the beloved statue, affectively named Mooslie by the school children, was reclaimed.

Left: Service station can be seen with lots of people surrounding a cherrypicker. Right: The cow can be seen among a crowd of people.
Local politician Tricia Duggin shared pictures of the rescue mission and said kids were "really, really happy" jumping around once the beloved cow statue was returned safely to the ground. Source: Facebook/Tricia Duggin

'Mooslie' back where she belongs

Teachers from the primary school told 9 News there hadn't been a trace of the cow statue since it was stolen from their garden last year, sparking a long search by the school children.

"After she was stolen [the children] would go out everyday on a hunt for Mooslie," Sue Liddington, an Education Assistant at the school told 9 News. "It was a tragedy for the little children because they used to love coming to visit her."

Year 1 students had even created missing posters for the cow, plastering their school walls in the hopes she would safely return to them.

Now with Mooslie back where she belongs, the primary school have plans to cement their beloved statue in place to ensure she is a permanent fixture in their garden.

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